Art for both enthusiasts and the uninterested

I love art museums! But I fully realize that it isn’t everyone’s jam. That’s part of the appeal of the Jepson Center in Savannah. There’s a little something for everyone even if you aren’t an art fan.

Source to the Sea exhibit by Ansley West Rivers

The Jepson Center is more of an experience than it is a museum. There are the usual art museum exhibits of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media, but there are also interactive, history, and video exhibits.

Five Decades exhibit by Suzanne Jackson

My baby sister is in high school. She loves art, but the Jepson Center has so many different exhibits to check out that she can’t get bored with the same style presented in the same way. Our favorite spot was the interactive exhibits. We must’ve spent an hour in there alone playing with the flight simulator and games involving movement and lights.

The last time I went there, they had an exhibit on tea sets! It made me think back to when I was little and my grandmother would gather all the little cousins together for tea parties using her Peter Rabbit tea set.

There weren’t any Peter Rabbit tea sets at the Jepson that day, but I couldn’t help snapping some pictures to send to my cousins’ group text. Even though they weren’t there with me, it was fun to share the experience with them.

If that’s not enough art for you, admission into the Jepson Center also gets you into the Telfair Academy This is where you’ll find the iconic Bird Girl statue from the cover of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. (Yes, I know I mentioned Midnight in the last blog post, but it’s very popular, and this won’t be the last time. I haven’t even told y’all about the Mercer House yet.)

The Bird Girl

Aside from the Bird Girl, there are pieces from all over the world and throughout different periods. You can choose to have a guided tour, which I recommend because the guides point out so many things you wouldn’t normally notice, or just walk around at your leisure.

Hours have changed a bit because of COVID-19 prevention measures, so be sure to call or check the website before you go.

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